VRWAY Communication is a media company in online, offline and mobile industry, with registered office in Luxemburg and operation’s headquarter in Switzerland. The company is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (AIM market segment).

We provide visibility and promotion for different partners as tourist destinations, public and private sector, hotel and restaurants, museums and theatres, design and luxury goods through Arounder platform.

Our project is focused on the creation of high quality content where a quality representation of images is a discriminating factor and constitutes a selection process by users.

Thanks to our network of professional photographers from all over the world and with more than 10,000 panoramic images, we are the world leader in virtual reality photography.

In order to be present as a protagonist in the Chinese market as well, we have recently signed a content supply deal with Baidu, the most important Chinese search engine.

In China there are 513 milion internet users and over 90% of these use Baidu search. Now our panoramic images are being integrated into Baidu Maps. In order to increase our market penetration in China, we have also set up a Joint Venture with Bejiing Panoramic Kingview Communication Technology which commercializes our brands on the Chinese market.